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Bulldogs Beach House in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Bulldogs Beach HouseIf you are cruising Lake of the Ozarks and need a pit stop you should stop and try out Bulldogs Beach House at the 33 mile marker of the main channel on the Lake of the Ozarks. Lake Road 5-65 by land. They have live music every weekend all summer, have a waterfront patio, and you can always grab a Turbo Energy Cocktail to cool off with!

You can check out the 2014 Summer Concert Listing HERE!

This summer they are featuring a Blue Tick Heeler on their summer cocktail menu. If you are in Lake of the Ozarks go by and chill by the water and have one…or if you are at home you can always mix one up there!

Blue Tick Heeler
Raspberry Vodka
Turbo Blue Energy Drink
Pineapple juice
and a splash
of Cranberry.


Turbo @ the Cave in Lawrence, KS

Check out some of the pics from a recent Turbo Promo over at the Cave in Lawrence, KS. Celebrating the last day of regular KU classes. The amazing and illustrious Jason Burks purchased patrons Turbo & Turbo Blue bombs with the amazing Cave shot girls helped with handing them out for him!

Cruise in and Throttle Down

If you didn’t know anyone at Table Rock Lake when you walked in to the¬†Throttle Down Tavern, you are sure to by the time you leave!¬†We love coming to Kimberling, MO, to hang with some awesome people and and of course the best views of the lake from the deck. Got a pic below of Chip and his parrot Louie enjoying a Dewars and Turbo Energy Drink. It’s looking like perfect weather this weekend…might be the time to make a trip to the Table Rock Lake!



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