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Nightclub & Bar Show 2015

The Turbo Energy Drink crew had an incredible show at the Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Below you can see a few pics from the event. Thank you to Jason Burks, our Los Angeles rep and to Sonia Montenegro & Breanna Croschere for keeping the Turbo cocktails flowing!

Some pics from the 2015 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas, NV

Why is Turbo Energy Drink Sold in a Bag in Box?

Why is Turbo Energy Drink Sold in a Bag in Box?

Yes, you can buy bottles of Turbo Energy Drink. Due to ever increasing requests for Turbo Energy Drink in a portable, drinkable format we started making Turbo Energy Drink in a a RPET plastic 16.9 oz resealable bottle which is 100% recyclable. But that’s another story…

Turbo Energy Drink Bag in Box

Bag in Box dispensing from Bar Gun

The vast majority of Turbo Energy Drink is sold in a Bag in Box format (delivered through a bar gun or fountain). Since we opened our doors in 2007 we have remained committed to serving Turbo Energy Drink from a Bag in Box. We remain committed to this format as it simply makes sense. The majority of Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, Convenience Stores, etc. (over 5,000 in the US alone) selling Turbo Energy Drink sell A LOT of it. The basis of our business is that we simply make the BEST tasting energy drink, with all the functional ingredients (plus Ginseng!) of the leading energy drink on the market, at a lower cost both to sellers and consumers. The best way to do this is to offer Turbo Energy Drink in a 3 Gallon Bag in Box format! Here are a few of the savings numbers to think about.

Production. For each 3 gallon Bag in Box used there are 274 cans eliminated from production, landfill and/or recycling. A significant savings in production costs.

Manufacturing. We save on the other pieces so that we can ensure that the best ingredients go into Turbo Energy Drink. You won’t find another energy drink out there made with Pure Cane Sugar – or a Diet energy drink that tastes as good as Diet Turbo Energy Drink! We spend money on the things that matter!

Shipping. One 3 gallon Bag in Box of Turbo Energy Drink makes 18 gallons of finished product. That is the equivalent of 11.5 cases of 8.4oz cans of energy drink. Shipping 11.5 cases of energy drink weighs 212 lbs. and has a much larger footprint than one 3 gallon BIB at 33 lbs. of Turbo Energy Drink. Net result? Savings on shipping. Shipping from the manufacturing facility to the distributor and again from the distributor to the end user. Trucking ain’t cheap.

Storage. Storage in bars, nightclubs and convenience stores is limited. The main storage areas are typically jam packed and bartenders end up lugging heavy cases of beer, wine, spirits and more from storage to the main bar. Having your energy drink on the gun with your other sodas saves time. Who wants to carry 11 cases of energy drink to the bar? Or, who wants to slot 11 cases of drinks in a fridge? Not us!

Waste. Cans? Each time you open a can in a bar or a nightclub you can count on 30% waste as you pour out the half used cans every night, or halfway through a shift when they go flat. Not to mention the space it takes to keep an open can on ice. And – you better hope your bartender doesn’t spill that can. Then you are looking at melting out the ice bin and refilling again!

Fruit Flies. Open cans equals fruit Flies! Yes bars can’t avoid it when using the expensive, wasteful energy drink cans. Using Turbo Bag in a Box is a great way to deliver the BEST and help eliminate the pesky, and kind of disgusting Fruit Fly pest from your bar.

Shrinkage. No, not “that” kind. We all know that cans of energy drink end up “walking away” from any establishment. Having your energy drink on the gun stops this. Will people still fill up a glass and have a sip? Probably. But your cans or cases of cans won’t disappear and at $0.07 cents an ounce vs. $0.17 cents an ounce there will likely be a significant decrease in shrinkage.

Marketing. We have depended on our great taste and functionality to be our main marketing campaign since day one. Yes, this means you likely won’t see Turbo Energy Drink sponsoring the X Games or see people jumping to the earth from space with Turbo logos plastered on their gear. Do we think that stuff is cool? Absolutely! But we are not selling entertainment!

Cans Bundled at Recycling Plant

At Turbo Energy Drink we are in the business of making the best tasting energy drink on the planet – and providing Turbo Energy Drink at the absolute lowest cost we can to people who love energy drinks! We have been asked time and time again how we are able to make such an amazing energy drink for so much less than the competition. Well, we’ve laid it all out. There is no trick. We simply continue to strive to make the best product possible, using the best ingredients and offering it up at a significant savings to the end user. We hope you like it as much as we do!

As we said earlier, we depend on the taste and quality of Turbo Energy Drink to function as our main marketing campaign. We have grown steadily over the years as more and more people who value quality and value find us! Tell your friends and ask for us by name!

Turbo Energy Drink Bag in Box

BUY USA! It’s simple. Buying USA made products you help keep America’s economy strong! Why buy Austrian, when you have a better tasting, pure cane sugar based energy product 100% made in the USA?

Introducing Turbo Energy Drink on the Fountain at Select 7-11 Stores!

Introducing Turbo Energy Drink on the Fountain at Select 7-11 Stores!

Turbo-Big-Gulp-SQWe are thrilled to announce that you can now get #turbocharged at 7-11 Stores in Fresno, CA! The first location has been set up and Turbo Energy Drink is now pouring on the fountain! Throw those cans away and come get the very best deal on the best tasting energy drink out there in Fresno! Come check it out and fill your cup at
1170 Clovis Ave.
Fresno, CA

Bulldogs Beach House in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Bulldogs Beach HouseIf you are cruising Lake of the Ozarks and need a pit stop you should stop and try out Bulldogs Beach House at the 33 mile marker of the main channel on the Lake of the Ozarks. Lake Road 5-65 by land. They have live music every weekend all summer, have a waterfront patio, and you can always grab a Turbo Energy Cocktail to cool off with!

You can check out the 2014 Summer Concert Listing HERE!

This summer they are featuring a Blue Tick Heeler on their summer cocktail menu. If you are in Lake of the Ozarks go by and chill by the water and have one…or if you are at home you can always mix one up there!

Blue Tick Heeler
Raspberry Vodka
Turbo Blue Energy Drink
Pineapple juice
and a splash
of Cranberry.


Turbo Energy Drink is Looking for Amazing Area Sales Managers!

Turbo Energy Drink is Looking for Amazing Area Sales Managers!

We are growing fast and we are looking for incredible people to become part of our team! Are you a sales leader looking for an opportunity to excel? We are looking for people to become part of our team in the following markets. Check out the job description below!

  • Nashville
  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia
  • Houston

Job Description

The Bar and Nightclub Sales Manager (SM) is responsible for managing all sales and business development activities of the assigned region and achieving regional sales targets.  This position requires an experienced sales leader with a high level of initiative to identify and provide follow-up on short and long-term sales opportunities while maintaining and developing relationships with an existing customer base. The (SM) will also be coordinating market priorities, sales and marketing projects and lead prospecting.  The (SM) routinely provides current market intelligence and input on business planning to the Executive Team, and frequently travels to company and customer sites.

Major Job Functions

  • Effectively grow account base in home market and markets of assigned distributors.
  • Align local and regional market strategic priorities, and design successful sales campaigns and business development initiatives to meet and exceed revenue and customer success targets.
  • Regularly report on critical business metrics to VP of On Presmise Sales to enable quick response to market demands, and to support continual improvement in Sales.
  • Coordinate the use of sales tools and methodologies, share best practices, and ensure continued high level of communication between local and regional markets.
  • Call on Regional chain operators and distributors.
  • Manage existing distributors and source new distribution base.
  • Regional support for national accounts and trade shows.
  • Manage, mentor and coach Area Sales Representatives.
  • Operate as a liaison between other departments to drive efficient Regional implementations of corporate initiatives.
  • Develop, adhere to and manage Regional Market expense budgeting and sales expense reporting.
  • Accountable for Regional Profits & Loss and Accounts Receivable.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Ideal Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Marketing or equivalent work experience.
  • 3+ year’s prior experience managing people.
  • Proven track record of sales success consistently meeting or exceeding sales goals.
  • 3+ years of experience in the Beverage, Foodservice or Convenience Store industry.
  • Strong leader with experience leading and motivating teams.
  • Polished, professional, intelligent, with exceptional relationship and communication skills. Proficient in Microsoft, presentation & data mining applications.

Must be willing to travel extensively within the assigned territory and execute a disciplined approach to Regional Management with a focus on growth, retention and customer satisfaction.

Please submit job applications to Chris Hannemann at

Turbo @ the Cave in Lawrence, KS

Check out some of the pics from a recent Turbo Promo over at the Cave in Lawrence, KS. Celebrating the last day of regular KU classes. The amazing and illustrious Jason Burks purchased patrons Turbo & Turbo Blue bombs with the amazing Cave shot girls helped with handing them out for him!

Cruise in and Throttle Down

If you didn’t know anyone at Table Rock Lake when you walked in to the Throttle Down Tavern, you are sure to by the time you leave! We love coming to Kimberling, MO, to hang with some awesome people and and of course the best views of the lake from the deck. Got a pic below of Chip and his parrot Louie enjoying a Dewars and Turbo Energy Drink. It’s looking like perfect weather this weekend…might be the time to make a trip to the Table Rock Lake!

Turbo Energy Drink Profit Calculator

Use our new easy Profit Calculator to see how Turbo Energy Drink can increase your bottom line. Don’t overpay for your energy drink products and then wait for rebate agreements – put your profits directly into your pocket. Turboʼs equivalent rebate offer would be to buy 10 cases and get 6 free!!! (.06 or .17 per ounce)

Read More

New Turbo T-Shirts In!

The new Turbo T Shirts arrived in the office and we couldn’t resist getting Toni Spence to model one for us! And who needs the water cooler when you have Turbo Energy Drink. Looking forward to seeing these on our Turbo Team and handing them out to Turbo Bartenders across the country.

Thanks Toni! Looking good!

Toni Spence modeling the new Turbo T

Toni Spence modeling the new Turbo T


Nightclub & Bar Convention & Tradeshow

Nightclub & Bar Convention & Tradeshow

The Bar and Nightclub Convention and Tradeshow in Vegas this year was amazing! Saw a lot of new and old faces at the booth and had a great time as always. Thought we would post a few pictures from the show. Looking forward to next year – it’s always a blast when we get a chance to bring our team all together and we get to spend some time with the bar owners & bartenders who serve Turbo Energy Drink!


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