How to Choose Enterprise Ecommerce Platform: Understanding the Costs and Setting a Budget

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When comparing enterprise ecommerce platforms, it is important to understand all the costs involved. Here is how to plan your budget!

You are familiar with the best enterprise ecommerce platforms on the market, you know what features you need to run your business and yet you have troubles choosing the best option.

Choosing an ecommerce platform that will support your enterprise company, will stick with you for years, and help you grow is not easy.

Besides features, integrations, and apps offered it is also important to understand the costs involved.

Different ecommerce business owners have different priorities. But, one thing is sure – it will be a much smoother process if there is an understanding of the budget.

Here are a few things to consider when setting the budget for an enterprise ecommerce platform:

  • Enterprise Ecommerce Cost: Each ecommerce platform offers different features and functionality. For that reason, pricing between enterprise ecommerce platforms vary. Different platforms have different pricing options and models you will need to consider. You will have to take into account other costs associated: hardware or hosting costs and manual updates.
  • Website Design Cost: When looking for a new platform, website design as a factor is important. It is your opportunity to create a more user-friendly site and improve your current design. You will need to decide whether you will handle website design internally or hire an agency or individual specializing in design.
  • Development and Integration Cost: These expenses can’t be discounted. Factors to consider are third-party integration costs, build costs, third-party app costs, API integrations, and more. You may choose to outsource an external agency or use an in-house team to design and test your ecommerce site.
  • Migration Cost: Making sure your customer, product, transactional, and category data makes the migration process successfully is critical to your company. These costs can be important, so considering them into your budget is essential before you make a final decision. A poor transfer could result in incorrect product images, recommendations, wrong product mapping, and more.
  • Cost to Retain SEO Traffic: Another very important thing to consider. Keeping your information clear so that customers can find hat they need once they visit your website. Your SEO score helped them find your website in the first place.

Your budget doesn’t stop when your enterprise ecommerce platform is up and running. There are other costs you need to include such as platform support, security, data analytics, and updates.

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