Scalable Solution: Why Expand Your Shopify Store to New Countries (UK, Australia, Canada)

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Shopify is one of the best ecommerce scalable software on the market! There are a number of reasons why you would want to expand your Shopify store to new countries (UK, Australia, Canada, and more).

If you are looking for a scalable software and solution, Shopify is without a doubt the best choice.

Many Shopify merchants have grown from small local stores to serving international customers, doubling their revenues along the way.

We will share some examples to show you how other Shopify stores have transformed their businesses and expanded to new markets in UK, Australia, Canada, and more.

Expand Your Store to New Markets (UK, Australia, Canada, India)

There are a number of benefits to expanding your Shopify store to multiple markets:

  • Accept payment in the local currency: You can show various currencies but you can only accept transactions in one currency – the default currency of your store. Paying in different currencies is complicated and more expensive than local currencies. Offering a local currency can boost your sales.
  • Double your sales: Expansion allows you to double your sales by growing your customer base. When selling locally, you can’t reach larger markets. By expanding into new markets with Shopify scalable software you allow more customers to purchase from you.
  • More control over your products: Do you want to offer certain products to customers from UK and not to customers from Australia? Don’t worry because with Shopify options, you can manage individual shops and manage your inventory however you prefer.
  • Offer local shipping: By running local online stores you can offer shipping options to local customers. Erstwilder shop, for example, created an announcement bar on their website to show shipping options for Australian customers and other shipping options for international customers.
  • Target customers in local advertising: You can use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to target specific customers and generate new traffic to your Shopify store. You can also offer a local option in your ads for more effective targeting. For example, stop wasting money by sending UK customers to your US shop when you can send them directly to your UK shop instead.

If your business is well established, if you have enough time and revenue to support and run multiple stores, and if you are noticing lots of sales from a particular country, you are ready to expand your business using Shopify scalable software.

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